Month: April 2014


1 scoop of Strawberry Kiwi XTEND (or your favorite flavor) 1 TB of Unflavored Gelatin 1 cup of water Mix above ingredients into a bowl. Once dissolved heat on low for 5 minutes whisking occasionally. Pour XTEND jello mixture into small ramekins and refrigerate until firm. Recipe yields two serving.

Can’t Train? Take XTEND

We all hit that dry spell in the gym. It might be an injury, work, or family obligations, but somehow life will get in the way of even the most dedicated training program. A new study shows that regularly consuming BCAAs during your time away from the gym can help reduce the loss in gains… Read more »

The Many Sides of the Backside

By: Rocio Ruiz Let’s face it, the backside is one of the most difficult areas to whip into shape, but also one of the most important and obsessed-over body parts for any woman, competitor or not. Our glutes are a big muscle group and require attention from all angles. My goals for this year are… Read more »