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XTENDsive Vocabulary – Part 1

THE PRACTICAL USES FOR XTEND JUST KEEP GROWING AND GROWING When XTEND, a highly-drinkable and effective BCAA formulation, was first introduced it represented a brand new sport supplement category as well as an overlooked anabolic nutrition strategy. As intra-workout supplementation became more and more common, the uses for XTEND became broader and broader. Bodybuilders mix… Read more »

Beta-Alanine for Brutal Training

Help For Hard Training The research to support beta-alanine keeps stacking up. The amino acid is one of the active ingredients in Scivation’s pre-workout booster Psycho and recent research shows that it has a profound effect on intense exercise. The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism published the results of a study in… Read more »

Can’t Train? Take XTEND

We all hit that dry spell in the gym. It might be an injury, work, or family obligations, but somehow life will get in the way of even the most dedicated training program. A new study shows that regularly consuming BCAAs during your time away from the gym can help reduce the loss in gains… Read more »

Heeeeeere’s Psycho!

Scivation is proud to release its latest offering, a certifiable pre-workout Hurricane Godzilla formula we simply call Psycho. With a three-step process that primes your muscles and focuses your mind, Psycho makes every workout a special occasion.