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Scivation Success Story – Stephen Hill

Name: Stephen Hill Hometown: Dallas, Texas Age: 25 Height: 5’10” Current Weight: 184 pounds Heaviest Weight: 328 pounds It was August 24th, 2013, and Stephen Hill was breathing so heavily he needed to sit down. He wasn’t in the gym, or in the middle of a triathlon, he was in the shoe department of Target.… Read more »

The Many Sides of the Backside

By: Rocio Ruiz Let’s face it, the backside is one of the most difficult areas to whip into shape, but also one of the most important and obsessed-over body parts for any woman, competitor or not. Our glutes are a big muscle group and require attention from all angles. My goals for this year are… Read more »

Don’t get sick this season

  Everyone knows that intense training is a tightrope walk between stimulating gains and breaking yourself down and getting sick. The more razor-sharp your conditioning the closer you are to that precipice of overtraining. Endurance athletes walk this fine line more than most, due to the extreme physiological stress from their high-volume and intense training.… Read more »

The Holidaze Workout

  The holidays are crazy-busy, so this time of year I do a few things to change up my workout to get maximum results without spending hours and hours in the gym. In my off-season I will usually hit one bodypart per day and use a lot of isolation moves. Now, I shift to two… Read more »

Guilt Free Gobble Day: 6 Tips to Staying on Track

Let’s face it; the holidays can be tough on the waistline. Family get-togethers typically begin with a plethora of pies, casseroles, and dinner rolls, and ultimately lead to one massive carb coma with a pound or two gained. This may be okay for the average person, but not for you. You live your life differently.… Read more »